Please contact SCHOOLATIVE for an individual consultation and further reference, it’s all free anyway and the more advice you get the better. Here are just some of the most frequent questions and answers…

After a decision to study in the UK has been made, understanding the education system and research into all types of schools available are the most important aspects to a successful start. Various agents and consultants are available in your home country as well as in the UK, all there to help you make the right decision and support you along the way. We advise you to really ‘shop around’ at this stage, consult with as many agents as possible and look at as many schools as possible. Use our School Search and Agents Search to help you in the preliminary research. Contact Schoolative for free consultation and reference to most reputable agents.

With such a great variety of private independent schools and colleges in the UK, it may be more than hectic to choose the most suitable one for a child. Example of first mistake most parents make is prefer a school geographically close to London, ignoring the fact that some of the most prestigious independent schools are located well away from the capital. Your child’s age and confidence living alone abroad are just some of the key factors. If a student is not confident about studying in the UK, we advise summer programmes available across the country, which can be searched for on our list of schools, they are a perfect test run and confidence builder for potential students. The right school for your child is the one which meets all the individual needs your child and you require, this is where a good education consultant or agent comes in, which is explained in the next question…

Agents exist to help you explain all the elements of British education system in detail, advise you on the suitable options for you and help you start and complete the process of enrolling your child into British education. Most agents provide continuous services while the child is in school, such as translation of school reports and airport transfers. Some agents may provide guardianship services, or help you locate one. Sometimes schools provide legal guardians themselves. Legal guardians are required for any student under the age of 18, by law. Agents play a dominant role in keeping the education of your child in the UK stress free and smooth. For further info on agents please contact Schoolative, and check out our approved list of Agents and Consultants.

All students from abroad require “Student Visa”, in order to stay and study in the UK; there are various types of student visas. After your school accepts the student and receives initial deposit, a CAS letter for visa application is provided by the school/college. It is responsibility of the student and parents to apply and gain visa. If student changes schools or colleges in the UK, the visa has to be ‘updated’ as the visa sponsor i.e. the school is different. Education consultants should answer all your questions, as once again this is a delicate question requiring individual attention.

School terms and dates vary between schools, but in general there are 3 terms (Autumn, Spring and Summer), each term has a half term break (usually 1 week long, in the middle of the term) and holidays last around 3.5 weeks. Students may also get “Exit Weekends” (a weekend away from school, either at home with parents or with legal guardian).