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Charterhouse Rd, Godalming GU7 2DL
Nearest Airports:
London Gatwick Airport (LGW)
London Heathrow Airport (LHR)

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Full Boarding

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Church of England

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Football Field(s) on campus
Tennis Court(s) on campus
Gym on campus
9-hole golf course on campus
Athletics stadium on campus

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Special Education Needs (SEN)

In the context of Charterhouse, pupils defined as having learning difficulties will fall into the four broad areas of need. They may be:
 pupils who are known, or suspected, to be on the Autistic Spectrum, which may affect their ability to communicate and socialise effectively.
 pupils with speech and language difficulties which affect their ability to use language
 pupils who have specific or general difficulties in one or more areas of the curriculum. This would include pupils who have been diagnosed as suffering from dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADD/ADHD.
 pupils who have visual, auditory or physical impairments which affect their capacity to learn.
 pupils suffering emotional or psychological difficulties, or presenting with specific behaviour problems.
 pupils with Statements or an education, health and care plan.
The pupils who fall into the last category are, in the main, supported through the pastoral systems in place at the School, under the authority of the Deputy Head (Pastoral). This system includes a wide range of members of staff such as: Housemaster and Deputy Housemaster, Matron, Tutor, School Counsellors, School Health Centre and Peer support. Nevertheless, the learning difficulties identified in the categories above are frequently associated with (and may indeed generate) emotional and
behavioural problems.

Admissions Information

Fees, Scholarships and Bursaries

£11500 per term for Day
£ per term for Weekly Boarding
£13600 per term for Full Boarding

Charterhouse offers a number of scholarships and exhibitions each year.

Some carry a small financial award, but primarily exist to recognise distinctive academic ability or a special talent and promise in Art, Design Technology, Music or Sport. All assessments take place in open competition and Scholarships, Awards and Exhibitions are awarded solely on merit.

Scholarships and Awards (not including Exhibitions) may be supported by bursary assistance as and when financial circumstances necessitate.

Charterhouse is able to offer a limited number of bursaries each year for pupils entering either Year 9 or Year 12, with preference given to those who gain a Scholarship or an Award (not including Exhibitions), who would benefit from a boarding education, but whose parents are unable to afford the fees.

What do they say...

Whether you join us aged 13 or 16, you will be developing throughout your time at Charterhouse. Some changes will be subtle – little things like having more confidence to make new friends or take on a responsibility. Others will be more striking: leaving the School with the proven ability to think in different ways and to study independently. You’ll also develop awareness of our set of core values – responsibility, open-mindedness, perseverance, moral courage and kindness. We believe these are key to being successful at this fantastic school and will be crucial for success in adult life, alongside all the skills and qualifications you will gain during your time with us.

Life at Charterhouse is always a partnership between the School and you, individually. We will make sure you are supported at every turn and that you feel comfortable, respected, safe and secure in your environment. In return we want you to take an active role in your own education, and take responsibility for it, not simply allowing others to educate you. From challenge and inspiration in the classroom to a vast range of different co-curricular activities, many of which are pupil-led, there is a huge breadth of opportunity available to you here. Our role is to help you to navigate these options, to make the most of every day, and to have a lot of fun along the way.

Dr Alex Peterken


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