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Churcher's College

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Ramshill, Petersfield GU31 4AS
Nearest Airports:
Southampton Airport (SOU)
Gatwick Airport (LGW)

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Football Field(s) on campus
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Indoor Climbing

Special Education Needs (SEN)

We have a strong and established department headed by Mrs Linda Blackman. Extra Time is given in the entrance exams after a review of a valid Education Psychologist report or assessment.

Teachers are notified and there are strong links with the Heads of House. Accommodations can be made within the classroom. Mrs Blackman is our specialist teacher and resident school counsellor; and offers tailored individual support to pupils throughout the school.

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Fees, Scholarships and Bursaries

£5500 per term for Day
£ per term for Weekly Boarding
£ per term for Full Boarding

Scholarships and Exhibitions are awarded in recognition of academic excellence and exceptional contribution to the community of the school and/or the wider community of Petersfield. Exhibitions may also be awarded to those whose involvement in activities within the school is at an exceptionally high level. The majority of awards are offered on the basis of the Churcher’s entrance examination at age 11+. No application is required; all candidates are automatically considered. Further awards are available at 13+ and 16+. Those entering at 13+ will be considered in respect to their performance in Churcher’s entrance examination for that age group. Those already in the school will also be considered based on their performance over the preceding two years. A number of Scholarships are available for Sixth Form study. The majority are awarded to candidates already within the College but others are available to those joining the Sixth Form. The initial award of Scholarships takes place in March and assessment is through references, interview and written examination. Further consideration is given following the publication of GCSE results. There is an expectation of a minimum grade average of around 8. Scholars and Exhibitioners are expected to maintain the highest standards of academic endeavour and behaviour. Those failing to do so may put their award in jeopardy.

The Richard Churcher Foundation Bursaries are mainly awarded to existing pupils of the College (including the Junior School) but consideration is also given to those entering at 11+, 13+ or 16+. The awards are based upon a clearly identified need and is a means-tested process. Pupils who have been awarded a scholarship may apply for additional support. Parents apply to the Bursary Committee for assistance and will be required to complete a comprehensive application form. In addition, there may be a home visit from the Head of Finance to clarify any information supplied. Bursary Awards will normally remain in place for two years before they are reviewed. If there is a material change in parental income or assets, we would review the award on an ad hoc basis. Awards above 50% may be given in very exceptional circumstances. The former Government Assisted Places Scheme (APS) protocol is used as a basis for determining levels of award, suitably adjusted to account for inflation. Unlike the APS, parental assets as well as income will be taken into consideration. Details of income threshold levels are adjusted annually and are also dependent on the number of siblings. At present, and as a guide, to be considered for the minimum level of award, ie 10%, family income should not exceed the guide figure of £68,200 and there should not be any significant additional assets.

What do they say...

As a parent, choosing a school for your child is one of the most significant decisions you have to make. A prospectus can help provide an initial insight, but there is no substitute for visiting the school for yourself; by talking to the Head, and meeting the pupils and teachers, you will get a real feel for both the school’s quality and atmosphere, and that of the community to which your child will belong.
The programme of education at Churcher’s seeks to give the widest range of experience but also the opportunity to be the best. By developing the full academic, creative and sporting potentials of our pupils, within the context of social awareness, we are fully preparing them for all they will face in the dynamic and challenging world in which we live. Churcher’s is an inclusive community where parents, children, staff and friends all contribute to the rich and varied education provided. We see a close partnership between school and home as essential in ensuring your child’s success. You have already taken the first step in searching for the right school for your son or daughter; the next step should be a visit to see us. I shall be very happy to welcome you and your son or daughter to Churcher’s and I look forward to meeting you soon.

Simon Williams


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