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“144 East Dulwich Grove Dulwich London London Area SE22 8TE”
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We are not a schoool which specialises in SEN and we have no in-class support or withdrawal teaching, other than for a statemented severely hearing impaired pupil. We do have a SENCO and staff alert her to pupils whom they think should be tested for SEN. We have a number of girls with mild dyslexia, mild dyscalculia and mild dyspraxia. A few use laptops. Candidates with SEN have to be of the appropriate academic standard for entry to the school, but are given extra time in the English Entrance examination and are able to use a laptop for it. Our SENCO provides some one-to-one support for individual pupils outside of lesson times and provides all staff with guidance and strategies for teaching pupils with SEN. We endeavour to provide extension work for gifted and talented pupils in all areas and have allowed exceptionally talented musicians to have a reduced academic timetable to allow extra practice.

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What do they say...

“Welcome to the JAGS Junior School website, which is intended to give you a flavour of the education the girls experience at our school. At the Pre-Prep (Reception to Year 2) and Prep (Year 3-6) we offer an exceptionally high quality of education provided by a team of skilled, motivated, and dedicated teachers and support staff. The curriculum is broad and well balanced and enriched by a varied and interesting programme of extra-curricular clubs and activities.

Throughout the school we promote an atmosphere where a high level of achievement is valued. We foster the values of hard work, commitment, kindness and generosity. We aim to create a sense of happiness and warmth in which girls are motivated to work and play to the best of their abilities. Both inside and outside the classroom, we generate a sense of vitality based on the principle that learning is fun. Our pupils are refreshingly independent-minded and open-hearted. We teach children to think for themselves and they flourish academically because they learn to trust their own judgement. This is a warm-hearted community where enjoyment is an essential part of the school day and where each child feels valued, happy and stimulated.

The Junior School is a very happy community where there is an absolute commitment to providing the children with first-class pastoral care.

I hope that you will come to visit us so that we can show you around our community at the Pre-Prep and Prep.

Finola Stack
Head Teacher”


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