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The Manchester Grammar School

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“Old Hall Lane Manchester Greater Manchester M13 0XT”
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The Manchester Grammar School admits pupils solely on the basis of their academic ability. Entry at 9 and 10 consists of internal assessments (no examination) and entry at 11 is assessed by performance in our entrance examination. Amongst those pupils are a number each year with specific learning difficulties both diagnosed and undiagnosed. Parents of candidates with a diagnosis are strongly encouraged to declare it prior to admission so that requirements and provision can be discussed and fully understood. Conditions routinely accommodated include autism spectrum disorders such as Asperger’s; dyslexia, dyspraxia and related conditions; Tourette’s syndrome and related conditions; ADD and ADHD; visual and hearing impairment; mobility restriction. Pupils with specific learning difficulties are accommodated in normal classes subject to reasonable adjustment and supported outside the classroom by Year Group Tutors, Form Tutors and the School Medical Services, all under the guidance of the Learning Support Department. A very small number of pupils receive support in the classroom. The Learning Support department comprises Head of Learning Support and learning Support Specialist. Facilities are available for screening and support for a wide range of needs. External specialists are available where appropriate and specialist tuition for pupils with specific requirements can be arranged. As an institution we are philosophically predisposed to do all we can, to make a Manchester Grammar School education accessible to all pupils who can benefit from it.

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£4310 per term for Day
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“Our history dates back to the time of Henry VIII, when The Manchester Grammar School was founded in 1515 by Hugh Oldham, Bishop of Exeter, to provide ‘godliness and good learning’ to the poor boys of Manchester.

The School proceeded to build a reputation as one of the country’s leading educational establishments, a position it still holds today as an independent day school.

Much has changed in the intervening five hundred years, but our core mission to educate the brightest young men in the North of England regardless of their social, cultural, religious and financial background, has not.

We aim to teach boys to think for themselves and to develop a life-long love of learning. Lessons are taught by academic specialists with a passion for their subject, and teaching goes well beyond the narrow confines of examination syllabuses, offering our students the best preparation for the very top universities, both in this country and abroad.

There is, however, much more to an MGS education than what happens in the classroom. What makes this School truly special is the outstanding achievement of our pupils in areas such as sport, music and drama, and in keeping with Hugh Oldham’s aims we produce well rounded young men who have a true sense of service to their communities.

As a former MGS pupil myself, I know just how much of an impact the School has had on my life. This is an extraordinary school, and I am very proud of all that we do. An education at MGS is a true adventure for ambitious boys with enquiring minds.

I do hope that you will enjoy finding out more about us.

Martin Boulton
High Master”


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