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The Old Palace, High Street, Mayfield TN20 6PH
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Gatwick Airport (LGW)
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Обеспечения в сфере специального образования (SEN)

Mayfield School has high aspirations and expectations for all girls, including those with SEND, and is committed to provide them with the required level of support to maximise their potential as learners and experience and contribute to the social and cultural life of our school. At Mayfield, all teachers are teachers of girls with special educational needs and have a responsibility to meet those needs.
The Objectives of the Learning Support Department are:
– To identify and provide for all pupils who have Special Educational Needs and additional needs
– To monitor the progress of all pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)
– To ensure there is equality of opportunity and inclusive provision for all girls with SEND
– To ensure all girls feel a valued part of the school and are treated positively by all members
of the Mayfield community
– To provide support and advice for all staff working with SEN pupils
– To provide specific support, in addition to or different from the differentiated classroom
provision for those girls who need it
– To take into account the girls’ views and needs
– To communicate regularly with parents or guardians to keep them fully informed of each
girl’s needs, provision and progress
-To work with regards to the guidance provided in the SEN Code of Practice 2015

Информация для поступления


£7500 за триместр, за Школу Без Пансиона
£ за триместр, за Частичный Пансион
£12000 за триместр, за Полный Пансион

Mayfield scholarships are awarded in open competition in recognition of outstanding potential in academic or other specific areas of School life.  They also allow the School to clearly identify those pupils who, because of their particular talents, should be extended and stretched to achieve their full potential.

Bursary awards provide means-tested support (up to 100% of the school fees) for a Mayfield education to girls who can benefit clearly and substantially from the particular education offered by Mayfield School.  Please click here for more details.

Что говорят...

At Mayfield, we accept every girl for who she is and instil in her the confidence to find her strengths – wherever they may lie – and build on them. Staff, who are experts in their field and passionate about their subjects, help provide the support and inspiration each girl needs to flourish. A Mayfield girl is challenged to set herself demanding targets and helped to find strategies to achieve them. We expect girls to think independently, to question their own and other people’s ideas, and to learn to make informed decisions.

Mayfield is a vibrant community. A wide-ranging extra-curricular provision complements learning in the classroom and girls are encouraged to try new activities. Our ‘Actions not Words’ Programme provides opportunities to be involved in service both in the local community and further afield, ensuring that faith in action continues to be an important of Mayfield life. We want actions to be inspired by a sense of justice and integrity, sustained by faith and respect for others.

In joining us you will be welcomed into a community which dates back to 1872, when Cornelia Connelly and her Society of the Holy Child Jesus opened the School, and which reaches as far afield as our sister schools in Africa, America and Europe. Traditionally we have attracted pupils from around the world, as well as locally. Such a cosmopolitan ethos helps the girls to understand and appreciate different cultures and perspectives, and to value diversity. Friendships forged here continue not only through school, but into the future, and we are proud to welcome successive generations back to Mayfield.

The following pages will give you an insight into the variety and diversity of school life, but I encourage you to come and experience it for yourself.

Antonia Beary MA MPhil (Cantab), PGCE


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