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Merchant Taylors' School

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“Sandy Lodge Northwood London Area HA6 2HT”
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London Heathrow (LHR)

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Merchant Taylors’ is one of the top dozen academic boys’ schools in the UK. All boys participate fully in all aspects of the curriculum and the wider life of the school. Every boy’s strengths are valued and his areas for development supported. The school makes provision for a large number of gifted and talented pupils and has a learning support department staffed by specialist teachers. All boys are screened on entry to the school and progress is tracked. Where it becomes apparent that further investigation or intervention is needed, this is arranged by the learning support department in consultation with the boy’s parents and teachers. Learning support operates as a whole school model, with specialist support available to all teachers to ensure boys’ learning needs are met.

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£7175 per term for Day
£ per term for Weekly Boarding
£ per term for Full Boarding

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“Merchant Taylors’ School offers an outstanding education, where academic success is complemented by breadth of achievement. Boys are supported and encouraged, whilst they are inspired to reach the highest standards. We nurture creativity, confidence, warmth and a host of other skills to create a truly impressive school leaver – that is to say, a gentleman. We do not ‘hot house’ – rather, we focus on helping each individual boy discover and hone his special talents, rather than demand he conform to a pre-determined mould.

The school serves exceptionally able young men who excel in the classroom, the laboratory, the orchestra, the stage and the playing field. We send them on to the best universities and degrees, equipped to find success in life wherever they choose to look for it. We wish to inspire our pupils in their studies and as creative thinkers. Merchant Taylors’ is an environment in which pupils are confident and personable, with highly developed social skills – a school which forges lifelong friendships.

Simon Everson
Head Master”


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