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Nottingham High School

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Waverley Mount, Nottingham NG7 4ED
Nearest Airports:
Nottingham Airport (NQT)
East Midlands Airport (EMA)

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Football Field(s) on campus
Tennis Court(s) on campus
Swimming Pool on campus
Gym on campus
Hockey Pitch on campus
Rugby Field on campus
Climbing Wall on campus

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Combined Cadet Force

Special Education Needs (SEN)

The School provides for those students with special education needs [SEN] and those with learning difficulties and/or disabilities [LDD], referred to as SEND. The School’s provision in this respect is coordinated by the Learning Support Co-ordinator in the Senior School who works closely with the Deputy Head [Academic]. A separate policy ‘Support for Learning – Senior School’ is available.

Where a student has an Educational Health Care Plan (EHC Plan) [statutory assessment], the Learning Support Co-ordinator will liaise with teachers to ensure that the education received fulfils its requirements. Though it is not the responsibility of the School to review EHC plans annually, the Learning Support Co-ordinator will endeavour to ensure that, for any student with a EHC, their Local Authority has conducted a review. It is the policy of the School that where a student has a recognised learning difficulty or disability, the Learning Support Team will include the student’s name in the SEND/LDD Register and provides copies of individual student learning support records for subject teachers.

A student is not regarded as having a learning difficulty solely because the language or form of language of the home is different from the language in which they are or will be taught. As our students have been assessed in English as part of the School’s selection processes, no additional provision is made for teaching ‘English as an Additional Language’, however students may receive additional support outside of lesson time in this area. Should this need arise, we would discuss with parents the best way forward. In all three sections of the School, all external candidates are spoken with as part of the assessment process so that we can be sure that they are able to speak English to a sufficiently high standard to be able to access lessons.

Admissions Information

Fees, Scholarships and Bursaries

£5500 per term for Day
£ per term for Weekly Boarding
£ per term for Full Boarding

Nottingham High School operates a scholarship scheme for pupils entering the school at age 11 into Year 7.
Academic Scholarships are a fixed sum automatically awarded to the top performing students in the Year 7 entrance assessment. These cannot be applied for – every student who sits the January assessment is entered for this. These are known as the Sir Thomas White entrance scholarships.

Music Scholarships are available upon application. If you wish to apply, just tick the ‘music scholarship’ box on your admissions application form to begin the process. As a guide, pupils should be around Grade 4 standard or higher on their principal instrument in order to apply (although they need not have the official examined grades). If a child is invited for an interview for a place in the School and is of a high enough musical standard they would be invited in for an audition at the time of their interview to determine their eligibility for a music scholarship.

There are not currently scholarships available for any other subjects or activities other than music.

Nottingham High School operates a bursary support scheme for pupils entering the school at age 11 into Year 7. Bursaries are means-tested based on parental income, and may cover the full or partial cost of tuition fees. Awards of Bursaries will be calculated on an annual basis, and parents will be required to submit details of their finances each May or June. Parents who wish their child to be considered for a Bursary must be prepared to provide confidential information concerning their financial situation.

What do they say...

Here at Nottingham High School we have a well-deserved national reputation both for our academic success and for the high standards achieved in the wide range of activities we offer.
By championing the individual and encouraging intellectual curiosity, we ensure that all pupils not only achieve outstanding examination results but leave the School as well-rounded, confident young people, ready to play their part in tomorrow’s society. I very much hope that I will have the pleasure of welcoming you and your family to the School, as we believe that a visit is the best way to discover what it is really like.

Kevin Fear


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