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Reigate Grammar School

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Reigate Road, Reigate Surrey, RH2 0QS
Nearest Airports:
Gatwick Airport (LGW)
Heathrow Airport (LHR)

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Football Field(s) on campus
Hockey Field on campus
Rugby Field on campus
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Special Education Needs (SEN)

A small number of our students might be identified with Special Educational Needs or
Disabilities. We currently support students with mild learning difficulties such as: dyslexia, dyspraxia
and autistic spectrum conditions. In each case, support is tailored to individual need. Where a
student has a statement or an Education and Health Care Plan, we work with due regard to the
SEND Code of Practice: 0 – 25 years, and follow the requirements laid out in the plan.

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Fees, Scholarships and Bursaries

£6500 per term for Day
£ per term for Weekly Boarding
£ per term for Full Boarding

All RGS students flourish here, developing their talents and skills, and demonstrating high levels of performance both academically and in the wider curriculum. Scholarships recognise those students with exceptional ability or potential in a specific area and seek to nurture this throughout their time at the school by delivering a programme of enrichment and mentoring. Some scholarship awards include fee remission where values may be a percentage or a fixed amount per annum. The majority of scholarships either have no fee remission or are at a fixed set amount (ie: £1,000). In exceptional circumstances a percentage off fees may be given. Substantial fee reduction through scholarships is rare and is intended for candidates performing at an exceptionally high level, for example national representative standard in the chosen sport. Scholarships can be held alongside bursaries where candidates qualify for additional fee support.

We attempt to help as many families as possible, but funds are limited: awards will therefore be based on the child’s performance in the Entrance Examination and assessment of need required. The level of fee remission will be determined on a sliding scale which may offer up to 100 per cent reduction in fees. Assistance towards the cost of school uniform, school meals and travel may also be available in cases of particular need. Parents’ income and assets will be assessed annually and all information will be treated in the strictest confidence. The exact amount of fee reduction will depend upon family circumstances, however, families with a total gross annual income over £80,000 are unlikely to qualify for a bursary. These figures are guideline amounts and parents are encouraged to contact the Bursar to discuss their individual circumstances, in complete confidence. An allowance will be made for dependants and proof of income will be required. For the higher levels of fee remission, the school reserves the right to visit parents at home or make other relevant enquiries to establish genuine levels of income.

What do they say...

We will believe in your child and will help them reach their full potential. Each child has his or her own unique blend of talents, skills, aspirations and abilities. Appreciating and developing these qualities on the journey from childhood to young adulthood is a privilege and a responsibility that we take seriously.

Students will flourish in our care, their self-esteem will grow and they will become a success story for themselves, their family and their school. But we will not forget that, behind their confident smile, they are still your daughter or son and that they will need our support and dedication each and every day.

Sometimes people ask what ‘type’ of child makes a successful Reigatian. There are all sorts of Reigatians, but no stereotypes. Students are actively encouraged to pursue their own interests, whether intellectual, social, spiritual or physical, within and beyond the curriculum. We don’t start with ‘types’, we only focus on knowing your child and all the children in our care. They will be supported through the challenges of teenage years, just as much as they will progress triumphantly through the successes of life over seven years at RGS.

This is a school based upon relationships, not rules for rules’ sake. We value a positive, comfortable climate of mutual respect, affirmation and intellectual freedom. Life at RGS is challenging, fun, exciting, hard-working, fast-paced and incredibly satisfying.

What unites our talented common room of teachers is an optimism and a belief in our young people. We believe in our young people so that they can achieve more than they dreamed possible, and they will do so, again and again!

I am honoured to be the Headmaster here and I look forward to welcoming you and your family to Reigate Grammar School.

Shaun Fenton


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