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Lawrence Sheriff St, Rugby CV22 5EH
Nearest Airports:
Birmingham International Airport (BHX)
East Midlands Airport (EMA)

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Full Boarding

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Church of England

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Tennis Court(s) on campus
Gym on campus
Squash court on campus
Hockey astro on campus
Rugby pitches on campus
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Special Education Needs (SEN)

Our aim is to ensure that all pupils achieve their full potential and overcome any challenges they may experience with their learning. We provide for pupils with a range of learning difficulties and those whose first language is not English, tailoring support to their needs.

We offer a range of levels of support for pupils including:

Several lessons per week in place of one subject option in a small group (maximum size 5)

Individual weekly sessions with Learning Development support teachers

Individual support sessions for pupils who request help for specific difficulties they are experiencing.

Working in our well-equipped rooms, teachers will use a wide range of resources, including computer software such as ClaroRead, Dragon voice recognition system and mind-mapping programmes, alongside more traditional books and materials, to help pupils develop their learning, and particularly their literacy skills.

Classroom teachers also have regular INSET training to enable them to provide for pupils with learning difficulties in their classroom and teachers are kept informed of the strengths, needs and strategies they can use to provide for each pupil.

Our referral system means teachers, parents, tutors or pupils can request assessments and support. The assessment may identify a specific learning difficulty and the pupils might be referred on to have further assessments with an Educational Psychologist, with a view to having Access Arrangements for examinations or identify the support a pupil needs to enable them to achieve their potential.

The support we offer also includes English as a Foreign Language, as well as Specific Learning Difficulties. The Learning Development staff work with pupils to develop their English, also offering the classroom teachers advice on how to provide for these pupils. Some pupils sit their IELTS examinations here before moving into a British university.

Our pupils with specific learning difficulties and ESL do very well in external exams and gaining places at the top universities. Mrs Louise Stevenson, the Head of Learning Development, is very happy to discuss any enquiries or concerns with parents or prospective parents.

Admissions Information

Fees, Scholarships and Bursaries

£8000 per term for Day
£ per term for Weekly Boarding
£12500 per term for Full Boarding

The value of a Scholarship or a Foundation Award is a fee concession of 5 per cent which parents or legal guardians of the awardee may elect to accept. More than one Scholarship can be awarded to a candidate although the total fee reduction available is limited to 5 per cent.

The level of fee concession provided can be augmented by bursary support up to 100 per cent of the boarding or day fees subject to means assessment. To access bursary support a Confidential Statement of Financial Circumstances must be completed and should be submitted to the Bursar before the closing date for applications. Completed bursary applications received after the closing date will not be assessed until after the result of a scholarship application is known and any bursary award may not then be offered at the time of joining the School. We are not able to provide an indication of the amount of financial assistance that may be available until the Registration Form has been completed and returned to the Admissions Office, together with payment of the Registration Fee.

What do they say...

have a great passion for every area of School life at Rugby and I want our children to love being here.

There is a strong and genuine sense that this is a school of obligation, not privilege. A great education is so much more than a focus on academic excellence – children need resilience to face the challenges our fast-changing world throws at them. Rugby children aren’t afraid to fail, we teach them how to recover, to move on, to make the very best of all the skills they have.

Rugby’s greatest Head Master, Dr Thomas Arnold, knew that education is all about transforming lives and should clearly focus on the three areas of academic ability, moral principle and ‘gentlemanly’ conduct.

Excellence is celebrated here, but nobody is ever on the bench, every pupil is equally important – a good illustration is our 33 hockey teams, everyone is included.

Our mantra is ‘The Whole Person is the Whole Point’. Yes our pupils are achieving the best academic results in the School’s history, but that is just one part of the whole story.

It’s an exciting time, our 3Rs: restlessness, reflection and rootedness are shared by our staff and pupils, we have a team united in their desire for growth and development. The momentum is palpable.

Come and see us, let us show you why Rugby is different and why we are seen as the leading co-educational boarding school in the country.

Peter R.A. Green
Executive Head Master, Rugby School Group


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