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St Albans High School for Girls

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“Townsend Avenue St Albans Hertfordshire AL1 3SJ”
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London Luton (LTN)

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We have a qualified specialist teacher who undertakes diagnostic assessments. Girls are given individual and group tuition tailored to suit and accommodate particular needs.

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£5435 per term for Day
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£ per term for Full Boarding

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What do they say...

“Welcome to St Albans High School for Girls! For 130 years, STAHS has delivered transformational education, providing a solid foundation for young women to go forth and lead lives of consequence. Though our roots are Victorian, our approach to education is thoroughly progressive.

STAHS students are the best and the brightest of Hertfordshire and north London. With so many schools to choose from, they have every expectation of receiving an excellent education catering to their individual needs, interests and ambitions.

So, why do so many students choose STAHS? Because, quite simply, we offer opportunities like no other institution. When you choose STAHS, you choose to embrace:

The opportunity to join a powerful women’s network – It’s not only the 1,100+ students in our school community, it’s also the thousands of alumnae who want to support the next generation of STAHS students and graduates. Our alumnae network is global, interconnected and truly extraordinary. You will see them in school delivering lectures, providing careers advice and guidance, fundraising and joining in our celebrations. I am fortunate to be invited to many of the alumnae-run events to provide advice, encouragement and support to women at various stages in their professional and life journeys. There is nothing so powerful as women helping women – from the Lean-In Supper Club to professional workshops, from panel discussions to informal coffee mornings, our alumnae represent just about every sector imaginable and are united in their desire to give back to the school and community that shaped them. You will meet them, you will learn from them. You will ask them for support, advice or even a work placement. And they will deliver.

The opportunity to be part of a diverse and welcoming community – Our staff and students come from a wide range of backgrounds. One of the many threads knitting us together is shared ambition – we all pursue bold ideas in an environment where creativity, innovation and success is encouraged and celebrated. The most exciting thing about a STAHS education is the experience of working alongside, learning from and being inspired by others who are wonderfully, spectacularly, awe-inspiringly not you. What better way to prepare for the rest of your life in our fabulously diverse world?

The opportunity to learn through experience – Not only will you have access to a progressive, relevant curriculum designed to prepare you for a future where you are statistically likely to embark on five careers throughout your working life, but you will also have many opportunities to participate in research, engage with society through social and charitable activism, collaborate with students from other schools and areas, and learn from professionals who are experts in their fields. The best part? At STAHS, you are at the centre of your schooling – and you decide how all these things fit together to become your education.

The opportunity to be taught by the best – They are so much more than ‘the teacher who went above and beyond to help me prepare for exams’ or ‘the tutor who always made time for me when I really needed someone to listen to me’ or ‘the teacher who first acknowledged my talent for coding and started me down a tech career pathway’. Our staff are extraordinary people, selected for their academic talents as well as their palpable passion for the subjects they teach. Many have had careers in their specialist area prior to becoming teachers, all are united in their pursuit of pedagogical excellence. You will be challenged, encouraged, surprised and, most importantly, inspired by your teachers at STAHS. They are there for you from your very first day at school and will be with you, through thick and thin, throughout your educational journey.

There is so much more to STAHS than can be listed on a webpage. It is intellectually exciting, but unpretentious. There is an ethos of hard work, balanced with a healthy dose of good fun. We are an active, integral part of the St Albans community and enjoy the affection and community spirit of a local school. However, with London on our doorstep, we revel in the vibrancy of a city school with tendrils reaching to all corners of the globe through our international partnerships and exchanges.

Our excellent pastoral care supports happy, considerate, down-to-earth students who look out for one another and love their school. They are proud of their community, of their collective and individual accomplishments and of themselves. I do hope you will visit us and meet some of them – and should you find that our philosophy, approach and ethos fits with your own, join us and write your own adventure!

Amber Waite



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