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William Nicholls Dr, St. Mellons, Cardiff CF3 5YX
Nearest Airports:
Cardiff International Airport (CWL)
Bristol Airport (BRS)

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Roman Catholic

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School Facilities

Football Field(s) on campus
Gym on campus
Netball Court on campus
Basketball Court on campus
Rugby Pitch outside campus

Extracurricular Activities

Special Education Needs (SEN)

As a member of the Catholic community, Saint John’s College aims to create a
family atmosphere in which all of our pupils are able to develop a positive selfimage and fulfil their academic potential. This Christian ethos forms an essential
part of the school’s approach to pupils with special needs. The school is part of the
community and as such reflects the diversity within South Wales. Pupils from other
faiths and cultures are warmly welcomed.
For pupils with additional learning needs, the aims of Saint John’s College are to:
• provide a caring and supportive environment based upon mutual respect,
with clearly defined standards of acceptable behaviour,
• foster pupil interest and increase pupil motivation to produce work of the
highest possible standard,
• replace feelings of failure with experiences of success and appropriate
• improve basic literacy and numeracy skills in conjunction with preparation
for life in the wider community,
• maintain dialogue and partnerships with parents and professional
• involve pupils in the decision making process where appropriate,
• provide access for pupils with special needs to a broad and balanced

Admissions Information

Fees, Scholarships and Bursaries

£5000 per term for Day
£ per term for Weekly Boarding
£ per term for Full Boarding

St John’s College offers a limited number of scholarships each year for the below categories. All
awards require a strong commitment and contribution to extra-curricular sport, music and
promotion of the school’s ethos. A Scholarship Application Form must be completed by the pupil
and parent. The deadline for all awards for the following Academic Year starting September is the
end of the Advent term the previous year; academic scholarship examinations are scheduled for
the following January.
Scholarships are not means tested and the awards given represent the honour rather than a
significant monetary value. If you require financial assistance beyond the award you may also
apply for a bursary. Any accompanying bursary application must be made in full, prior to the
scholarship examination so that any offer made can consider both applications. Please seek
further information from the Admissions team.

As a registered Charity and as part of our Public Benefit requirements with the Charities Act 2011,
St John’s College offers financial support for parents of pupils who would otherwise not be able to
experience an independent school education. There will be a limited number of awards each year
based on the financial circumstances of the child’s Parents/Guardians.
For New Pupils at St John’s College
Bursary applications will only be assessed for successful applicants who have completed a school
entrance examination and a school visit day.
The Bursary Means Tested Application Form must be completed and passed to our Finance
Manager, along with any additional supporting information requested, before the annual deadline
of 31st May for pupils starting in the September. The Financial circumstances of the
Parents/Guardians will be assessed in line with the ISBA’s Guidelines.
The Bursary award may be removed if any of the following conditions apply:
i) The Parent/Guardian or child acts in breach of the School’s Terms and Conditions;
ii) In the opinion of the Headteacher, the child’s attendance, progress or behaviour no
longer merits the continuation of the award;
iii) The Fee payers are more than 28 days in arrears in respect of any amount due and
owing to the school;
iv) The School’s resources are insufficient to maintain the level of award;
v) The Parents/Guardians fail to complete a Means Tested Application Form, or to provide
information to support an annual review;
vi) Failure to meet award criteria.

What do they say...

I have accumulated 30 years of teaching experience at St John’s as well holding the positions of Examinations officer and Assistant Head. St John’s is an extraordinary community, within which I feel privileged to belong. The family spirit which is engendered at the school held out its arms to my own daughters who were warmly welcomed and educated up to A Level. Be assured, the core values and Catholic ethos of the school will continue and prosper under my guidance and that of my senior staff. We shall be moving forward with our new initiatives both academic and co-curricular.
St John’s College prides itself on its outstanding academic results and exemplary pastoral care and we are immensely proud of all our achievements and progress which has now been recognised in our most recent ESTYN inspection report where we achieved Excellent Standards: “The standards achieved by pupils across the school are extremely high and throughout the school pupils are confident and articulate learners”. We are indebted to all our dedicated staff, hard-working pupils and supportive parents.

Mr Shaun Moody – Headmaster


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