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St Paul's Girls' School

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St Paul’s Girls’ School, Brook Green Hammersmith, London Area W6 7BS
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London Heathrow (LHR)

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Special Education Needs (SEN)

“The learning support department’s aim is to help students reflect on their experiences as learners. We aim to help students feel confident about discussing their strengths as well as the aspects of study that they find challenging. We encourage students to develop study strategies for the classroom and at home and we mediate with, and support subject teachers.

The department works with a wide range of students with different needs. Students with specific learning difficulties can use it as a space to think about and plan for the week ahead, tackling time management and organisational issues. Students encountering a difficulty with a particular subject might just come for a short series of drop-in sessions to ‘think out aloud’, to try out different study skills and come up with a solution to something they are finding challenging, or trial ways of communicating their needs to teachers more effectively. Disabled students can use the department to raise issues of physical or social inclusion and to help with the planning of events or particular aspects of the curriculum.

The focus in the department is very much on the student’s sense of themselves and their understanding of their needs, but also values dialogue with parents to gain their perspectives to help us with the provision of support.”

Admissions Information

Fees, Scholarships and Bursaries

£8629 per term for Day
£ per term for Weekly Boarding
£ per term for Full Boarding

Year 7: The school awards up to four academic scholarships and, usually, about three or four music scholarships to 11+ entrants (worth £100 a year; the music scholarship also includes free tuition in two instruments).

Year 12: The school may also award music scholarships to current students and to new joiners (worth free tuition in two instruments), and two art scholarships (worth £250 a year) to internal and external candidates. The Nora Day music scholarship (worth up to 50% of school fees plus free tuition in two instruments) is awarded every other year to a new joiner who shows exceptional musical potential. The school also awards scholarships worth £250 a year for academic distinction in the “Senior Scholarship”, a dissertation written by students in the summer holiday following Y12.

The school awards means-tested bursaries to students who join in Y7 and for students arriving in Y12. Bursaries fund up to 100% of tuition fees on a sliding scale depending on family income and assets, plus exam entry fees and a grant towards textbooks. Holders of 100% bursaries entering in Y12 also receive an extra package to cover additional expenses, such as the cost of sports equipment and music tuition.

What do they say...

“As soon as you walk through the door of St Paul’s you feel its warmth and creative energy.

Founded in 1904, St Paul’s was one of the first schools to believe in the importance of educating women to fulfil their potential, giving them the skills and confidence to take their place with pride in a modernising and fast-moving world. That tradition remains at our core.

The academic heart of St Paul’s is enhanced and lightened by the warm relationships between staff and girls, the sheer joy they have in learning, and the encouragement everyone is given to dig deeper; to explore ideas, to challenge preconceptions and to develop their own ideas. Learning here is not just about passing exams. It is about a love of academic pursuits, inspiration and imagination. It is about the quest for ‘very great wisdom and understanding, and knowledge as vast as the sands of the seashore’.

From its very beginning, and in advance of its time, St Paul’s embraced a liberal ideology. We believe that true potential can only be unlocked when given the freedom to grow. Our rules are few and relationships are relaxed, yet respectful. We have no uniform and girls are encouraged to develop their own passions and interests. Our curriculum is broad with plenty of opportunity for individual research, discussion and debate. Music and drama are open to all and are performed to a very high standard. The art studio is an oasis of creative energy. Sport is played with verve and distinction, and opportunities of all sorts are magnified many times over in the clubs and societies on offer. There is never a dull moment at St Paul’s!

Success here is not a collective measure. What matters to us is the happiness and achievements of each girl according to her own lights and ambitions. Our students take ownership of their lives, to embrace opportunity and to grow in resilience and self-reliance.

St Paul’s is a caring and generous community. Laughter is never far from the surface and friendships abound. The girls are encouraged to develop a strong spirit of philanthropy, and to engage with those around them who are less privileged than themselves. The school itself has links with groups at home and abroad who benefit from our support. Our bursary scheme provides us with a wonderful opportunity to offer the full breadth of our education to talented girls whatever their background, and to enrich the school beyond measure with their energy and inspiration.

We are proud of our school, and proud too that over the years our alumnae have contributed significantly on a national and global stage. An education at St Paul’s is an extraordinary preparation for life.

Sarah Fletcher – High Mistress”

“My DDs are both at SPGS and we and they are very happy with the school. One of its great strengths, I think, is how well it caters for individuals: there doesn’t seem to be the sort of tribal type I see (perhaps wrongly) at one or two other London girls’ schools.”

“The teachers at St Paul’s encourage us to work hard and strive to do our very best in school.”


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