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Walthamstow Hall

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Holly Bush La, Sevenoaks TN13 3UL
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London City Airport (LCY)
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Swimming Pool outside campus
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Badminton Courts on campus
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Curling Club

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£7000 per term for Day
£ per term for Weekly Boarding
£ per term for Full Boarding

Walthamstow Hall Senior School offers financial Awards to girls who show exceptional promise academically or in sport, drama or art, or a combination of these. This is determined through Walthamstow Hall assessments. There are two types of Award; ‘Exhibitions’ are Awards worth a value of up to 10% of tuition fees and ‘Scholarships’ are Awards worth between 11 and 20%, per discipline, of tuition fees. Students wishing to apply for Awards are assessed by examination, interview and, where appropriate, audition/practical assessment. Awards worth 5 – 20% of the value of annual fees are usually the norm but Scholarships of a value up to 50% of the fees are also offered to very exceptional students. Recipients of Awards are referred to as ‘scholars’. For Year 9 and Sixth Form Awards, parents can apply for awards in up to a maximum of two disciplines.

The Senior School offers means-tested bursaries to enable girls from families facing financial limitations to benefit from a Walthamstow Hall education. Bursary applications are examined on a case-by-case basis and offered on a sliding scale dependent on the value of a family’s income and assets, Founders’ bursaries, offering virtually 100% of tuition fees are available for families in the greatest need. Parents whose daughters are in receipt of a Founder’s bursary are asked to pay a nominal fee of £50 per term.

What do they say...

At Walthamstow Hall, Sevenoaks for 180 years we have been true to our founding aim, which is to provide an education for girls which is full of opportunity, challenge and possibility.

We believe in a true understanding of the root meaning of the word education, from the Latin verb educo: I lead forth, I raise up. Not, I cram full of facts or I make to jump through hoops. At Walthamstow Hall your daughter will discover that learning is an active process which enables her to get personally involved, not one which just passively happens to her. She will recognise that learning is a consequence of thinking. She will not merely pass through a door, but be set on a voyage of discovery. We are not promising a polished product, but a profound process. We are not about growing grass which will wither once it faces the real world, but cultivating patterns and disciplines of learning that will last a lifetime.

Here we offer your daughter an environment based on trust, security and friendship, where she has the confidence to be her best. And by confidence we don’t mean brash or arrogant. We mean that, whether innately ebullient, or whether quite shy, Wally girls are characterised by a quiet assurance which comes from knowing who they are and, moreover, that they are valued for who they are, by us and by each other. This, we believe, is the best preparation for whatever life has in store.

Miss Stephanie Ferro, MA (Oxon), MA (Lond)


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